Waterjet Cutting Services in CT

Offering contract waterjet cutting services, Intelligent Cutting Solutions is able to cut a variety of materials with ease. Whatever your business, we service every industry including– automotive, aerospace, stone and tile, tool and die, gaskets, or fabrication. We can cut metal, stone, plastics, composites, glass, ceramics, rubber and more. Our equipment can cut through materials up to 11 inches thick with no heat-affected zone and superior edge quality.

Our waterjets require minimal fixturing and tooling so we have a quick turn-around and can reduce your tooling charges. We can cut accurate, clean edges that allow for tight nesting and reduced scrap – saving you money through greater material utilization.

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We are not a parts manufacturer with spare waterjet capacity. We only provide waterjet cutting services which allows us to stay focused on one activity and we don’t put our own orders ahead of yours.

Many fabricators and machine shops offer waterjet services but they have a large variety of other services and commitments so you get their attention only when they can get to your order. This normally occurs after their parts have been completed first.

We offer fast turnaround because abrasive waterjet cutting is all we do.

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